Christmas Mission

2014 WEBSTER CHRISTMAS MISSION -- Provide food for one year ($350 per month) for the most vulnerable refugees in the Krisan Sanzule refugee camp in Ghana.

             January 1, 2015

Dear members and friends,
As you know, our Advent project for this year was to raise money for a year of food for the refugees most likely to starve in the Krisan Sanzule Camp in Ghana. (This is the same camp visited and supported by many Webster members over a 10 year period)

Because of your generosity, caring, and response to the Celebration at Webster, put on by former refugees, we surpassed our minimum goal. We collected  a little over $5500.

This will be divided into 12 monthly installments. We will be sending our first  installment in January. A former refugee, the camp nurse, Jean Mutara, wrote a beautiful letter of praise and thanks on hearing this..

We here in this small church can celebrate and be thankful for our large hearts, and know that some who might die otherwise, will be fed by our faith and  works. Along with Jean Mutara's thanks and  praise, we add ours.

From the Outreach Board

Message from Jean Mutara (12/31/14): Praise the Lord!! It is amazing, may God richly bless whomever has supported this program either morally, verbally or financially. Amen and Amen!! From Pastor Emmanuel he and the Clinic Nurse have registered a total of 74 people: 7 unaccompanied minors, 10 pregnant women, 8 disabled, 19 single mothers, 7 Senior aged, and 23 people chronically ill. On behalf of Krisan camp refugees thanks to all of you. You are blessed. Happy New Year 2015.  Houedjaku. Stay blessed.