May the Peace of God Be Your Peace

 May the peace of God be your peace.
 May the love of God be the love you show.
 May the joy of God be the joy you know,
 and may the world that God would see
 be found in you.

 ~ More Voices (#222) by Neil McLaren


December 3

There will be a special Hanging of the Greens service during worship. And, the actual hanging of the greens will take place in the afternoon beginning at 3 o'clock. The youth will take a tractor ride out to Scadin woods to get the tree. Crafts and baking will begin in the fellowship hall while the tree is being put up in the sanctuary. There will be a light supper (soup and sandwiches), the tree will be decorated, and then everyone will meet up in the sanctuary to sing carols.


Sunday, November 26 marks the last week of the Christian Year; the next week we move into Advent. November 26 is Reign of Christ or Christ the King Sunday. It is a good time to look back on Year A and think of all the times Christ was present among us - in the face of the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick person or the one in prison. Just as the disciples wondered, "What will it be like when Christ returns again and the Reign of Christ on earth is a reality?" so we too wonder what it will be like. From Seasons of the Spirit.



"Blessed to be a Blessing" hosted by the Dexter Ministerial Association. Wednesday, November 22 at 7:00 p.m. St. James Episcopal Church, 3279 Broad St., Dexter. Thanksgiving message by Rev. Tom Snyder (Dexter United Methodist Church). Free will offering in support of Dexter Family Services.




Remembering is our responsibility, O God. We remember women and men of the armed forces who suffer trauma and disabilities from war. We remember the families of military personnel who wait, and who deal with the effects of war on their loved ones. We remember civilians who suffer and die in the midst of conflict. We remember those who have lost loved ones, for whom the pain of loss will not go away. ~ excerpt from Remembrance / Veteran's Sunday Pastoral Prayers to Share, Year A by David Sparks




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