Today I relax and trust the current of the Spirit to take me where it will.


Special flute music performed this Sunday, August 6.




This is the first Sunday of the month so Holy Communion will be served. At the table of Holy Communion, in bread blessed and broken, we recognize Christ and rejoice. All those who share this belief are invited to receive the sacrament.


  Webster prepares and serves the meal for M.I.S.S.I.O.N. in Ann Arbor at the  Jimmy Hill (Purple) House this Sunday (7/30) evening. The House is a MISSIONA2 service providing food, clothing, camping supplies, day warming shelter, friendship, guidance, laundry, showers and large group meetings for the homeless community.


May Jacob's vision remind us to be open and watchful, ready to discover God's presence in our midst. Congregations need to see the sacred in the everyday. Anyone who insists there is only one special time and place for worship and prayer, and only one special group of people who know the correct language, and form, hasn’t caught on to God’s love of appearing in odd things like forests, and cities, and blue jays…

~ adapted from Jacob’s Blessing, Donna Sinclair & Christopher White

There will be a pick up choir performing this Sunday, August 13. Anyone interested in singing is welcome to join in; there will be a brief rehearsal beginning at 9:30 a.m.




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