Benefit concert by Earthwork Collective musicians Samantha Cooper and Elisabeth Pixley-Fink. This Kalamazoo-based close-harmony singing duo created Hearth and Hymn as a setting to interpret old songs on piano and fiddle. This project is also an avenue to showcase original verses and pieces inspired by hymns and the sacred harp tradition. There will be a free-will donation at the door, benefiting all the mission projects of Webster's Outreach Ministries.

The intent and purpose of Fellowship Groups within Webster United Church of Christ is to grow deeper connections within ourselves, with others, and with God, to build bridges between the worlds of our spiritual and everyday lives, and to build a deeper sense of fellowship within our community.  They are intended to be inclusive and supportive in allowing and connecting common interests.  Within a Fellowship Group, newer folks might find a quicker way to be connected and involved, to be supported and to contribute.  Fellowship Groups are intended to be informal, open and simple to start

Anyone who has an interest in starting or joining an existing group, or want information, just contacts the Church Office.  It’s as simple as that!

We are here to help.

May it be stitched into your heart.

There has been rain (a lot lately) and sunshine so the Webster Garden is growing!

Webster Garden

Webster Garden

The Webster Church garden began about thirteen years ago and has been growing strong ever since. We began with six raised beds and lots of energy. Over the years the garden's productivity has bloomed in many ways with groups of elders and children visiting the garden, learning about nature and making garden crafts.


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