Scripture for this Coming Sunday’s Worship  Matthew 5:13-20

You are the salt of the earth…. the light of the world…. Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come…to fulfill.

Salt & Light — Who Am I to make a difference?  God doesn’t ask us to change the world.  God expects us to be the salt and the light in everything!  How?  By grace.  Why does God hope for this in our behaviors is the greater question.  Big change starts with small influences.   God knows this fact of life.  Start each day in a simple manner:  seek how grace and love are making openings around you.  See this spirit play within you.  Avail yourself of these opportunities. 


Share it. Blessings to all.  People feel such occasions and positively respond to these openings of grace and love.  See this picture.   

Pastor Curt


COMMUNION is offered the first Sunday of every month. At the table of Holy Communion, in bread blessed and broken, we recognize Christ and rejoice. All those who share this belief are invited to receive the sacrament.

The Annual Meeting will be held after the worship service on Sunday, Jan. 26. There will be a fundraiser dinner prior to the meeting provided by Webster Youth (to raise funds for Camp Talahi scholarships) and Outreach Ministries (to support various ministries). Copies of the Annual Report for 2013 (Webster's 181st!), the agenda, bylaw changes (to be voted on) and officer nominations will be available at the meeting.

This week I’ll be here Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (later in the day due to the Council meeting).  Call the church if you’d like a visit. Tuesday Night: Bible Study at the church at 7:00 p.m. Pastor’s Office. COMPASS group at 7:00 p.m. at a member's home (contact Church Office for location details). Wednesday:  Spotlight on Faith 9:30 a.m. Pastor’s Office. Scripture passages: Isaiah 49:1-4, 6b  and John 1:29-42 (For Sunday 1-19-14)

Seeing What Others Aren’t Seeing

Reid Blackburn is a photographer who saw things others hadn’t noticed.  He took note of the upswelling of Mt. St. Helens.  He died near the mountain’s base as it erupted in May of 1980.   This picture of his was taken from a plane above the mountain about five weeks before the mountain blew off its lid.  The photos he took on this day from the plane remained forgotten inside film canisters until very recently.   Someone found them, opened them, and developed the film very carefully.   The photos Reid Blackburn took the day of the eruption were destroyed in the blast.   He saw what others only heard about later.


John the Baptist saw something that others hadn’t noticed:  The Holy Spirit descending from heaven and it remained on Jesus.  John got the picture.  The event is earthshaking.   John knew it.   The world would never be the same.  In a snap he recorded amazing acts of God.  He shared the story.  What he saw is described in John 1:29-42.  As we experience something of the living Christ will we keep it hidden away in a canister for safekeeping or will we be empowered to share life differently, take risks of life’s venture, and be open to God’s freshness?  Someone found the amazing singular photo embedded in film hidden away and forgotten.  This someone opened the canisters and developed the film very carefully.  Isn’t it God’s time NOW to open what we’ve reserved inside for safekeeping and share this with others?  John the Baptist shared the story we can do the same!

Pastor Curt

Click here for proposed bylaws changes (to be discussed and voted on at the annual meeting, Jan. 26).


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