Webster prepares and serves the meal for M.I.S.S.I.O.N. in Ann Arbor at the  Jimmy Hill (Purple) House this Sunday (7/30) evening. The House is a MISSIONA2 service providing food, clothing, camping supplies, day warming shelter, friendship, guidance, laundry, showers and large group meetings for the homeless community.


May Jacob's vision remind us to be open and watchful, ready to discover God's presence in our midst. Congregations need to see the sacred in the everyday. Anyone who insists there is only one special time and place for worship and prayer, and only one special group of people who know the correct language, and form, hasn’t caught on to God’s love of appearing in odd things like forests, and cities, and blue jays…

~ adapted from Jacob’s Blessing, Donna Sinclair & Christopher White

There will be a pick up choir performing this Sunday, August 13. Anyone interested in singing is welcome to join in; there will be a brief rehearsal beginning at 9:30 a.m.



Happy Fourth of July



To be a follower of Jesus is a tough calling. We will take the rough with the smooth.

God calls Christians to act courageously when following the Way of Jesus. It may bring us into conflict with political agendas and laws. It may create conflict and loss within families and communities. The disciples practicing Christian faith put them at odds with the Jewish practices of their community and families. But they continued to speak out. Today it may also cause some to be at odds with their family practices or beliefs. But we are assured that at no time are we alone through the trying times. God will not prevent sparrows from falling nor the loss of hair, but He knows about and cares about each one. Lament, fear, conflict are a part of life and we are not immune, just beloved through it all.

From Seasons of the Spirit



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